Prevent back pain with some useful tips

Prevent back pain with some useful tips. There is hardly any person could be found who was not affected from low back pain or waist pain. Those who work in office with the habit of long sitting or the women whose menopause has happened are usually suffered from this problem.

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Prevent back pain

You can avoid this problem and Prevent back pain by being mindful of some matters to Prevent back pain. But how? Let’s see some helpful tips-

  • Make your habit of sleeping on hard bed. Thus the whole body gets support and the pressure on spines releases. Use mattress on the bed.
  • Those who suffer from back pain should keep their waist straight when they sit on chair. Place one or two cushions at the lower part of waist when you sit. Thus the waist will remain straight.
  • Massage can relief you from back pain. Don’t do massage right on the backbone, pain could increase in this case. Massage the whole back by some body. You will get relief and the pain will be driven away.

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  • Should be conscious about some matters while working in office for long. Such as- place your computer screen parallel to your eyes. Sit on the chair keeping your thigh fully over it. Use such type of chair that can support your parts of back fully. Your leg should be curve like 90 to 110 degree while sitting. Hands should be placed on the table parallel to the floor to Prevent back pain.
  • Don’t sit for long duration. Take a walk for some time or you may stand for while. Keep one foot on a tool or on some upper place and put pressure on another foot. You can feel relax in this case.
  • Don’t sleep by remaining body upside down. If you do that the pressure put on lower spine and back pain could increase.
  •  Back pain increases more by shaking while travelling on bus or train for long. In this case take rest after 1 or 2 hours.
  • Place the hot water bag under your back when you lay down. Blood circulation will increase on the painful parts of the body by getting heat. But don’t use hot bag more than one hour at a time.
  • Proper rest can release back pain. As the muscles are hurt during back pain then it could move away by taking adequate rest.

You can avoid back pain by practicing these habits. For more visit our Facebook Page or Join our Facebook Group.

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