Rajbari A Best Place to Visit in Dhaka Division

Rajbari A small district of Dhaka Division. This is a district to the middle east of Bangladesh and that it is a part of Dhaka division.

Settled beside the mighty Padma River the river has different archeological glory and that it had history courageous martyrs fighting for the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.

The district is neighbored by Manikganj, Kustia, Pabna, Faridpur and Magura districts and is soon to get linked with the other parts of western Bangladesh by the proposed 2nd Padma Bridge.

What to watch in Rajbari

Luxmi Kol Royal Palace, Baliakandi Royal Palace, Children Park, Graveyard of writer Mir Mosharrof Hossain, Memorial Center, Acrobatic Center, Swiming Pole, Dauladia River Port,Circuit House, Uddyan Base, Jora Bangla Temple, Sawdagor Mound, Shrine of Shah Palawan, Tomb of Saint Kamal Shah, Dauladia Ferry Ghat etc.

Rajbari A Best Place to Visit in Dhaka Division

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How to go

There are two ways to go to Rajbari, by road and by train.

Going by road can be of more two ways by continuing with the Jamuna Bridge which is an addition of extra 3 hours as it has to be crossed through extra 4 districts and breaking the journey in between for ferry which is direct route to the city. The train route is also made by Jamuna Bridge and there is no direct train route to Rajbari from Dhaka.

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The Bus Service

The buses that goes directly to Rajbari completes the journey through ferry and the buses are Rajbari Transport, M.M. Transport, Saudia Transport, Showhardo Transport and Subarna Transport. The schedules are between 08.30 am to 06.30 pm and the payments are of two sorts.

Travelers have to pay fare for their bus coach and at the same time they have to pay extra few amounts for the ferry crossing.

Bus coach fares starts from BDT 150 to BDT 200 but the ferry charge is fixed with BDT 140.


The Train Service

There are also train services from Dhaka to Rajbari but the route is not direct as the train passes through different districts to go there and stops in Rajbari for approximate 10 minutes. The train services are only available for three days a week which is currently off but decisions are ongoing to reenact it again.


Short tips to go> From Dhaka -Gabtoli Take Rabeya, Rajbari transport, Sawabharana, Saudia – 250 BDT(BRTC bus fare 100 taka Paturia -> Launch 25 taka->Local bus at 30 taka Total-155 taka to the city)

What to watch> Goda Bazar / Padma border, Mir Mosharraf Hossain Memorial Center, Pachuria Kuthi and Temple, Shah Paloyan’s shrine, Rajbari Railway Station etc.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts or like to inspire use to share more ideas and visiting place details with you.

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