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    How to stay healthy and fit in Winter Whether you’re seeking winter sun in the north, or (trying to!) stay warm in the south; it’s important to keep up your healthy eating habits and get your 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Here are some tips to keep you healthy in winter. Take time ...
  • Health tips for Qurbani Eid

    Some tips Regarding health awareness on Eid ul Azha. Everybody will celebrate the Eid Fest and already people are in Eid mood. When the Eid-ul-Fitr came people eat more delicious and heavy food that’s why everyone need to be more health conscious. Things to keep in mind in this Qurbani Eid : You will receive many invitations ...
  • prevent dehydration

    The human body needs water to maintain enough blood and other fluids to function properly. On dehydration, not only do the fluids leave the body, but also the electrolytes (mineral salt), which is necessary for proper cell function of the body. One should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses a day to prevent dehydration. ...
  • Way to fit during Ramadan

    There are some changes in our eating habit and life style during the month of Ramadan. Sometimes our body reacts negatively to the changes. However, Here are some health tips which can help us stay fit and healthy during the Ramadan. Don’t skip sehri Sehri, the meal eaten before dawn, is very crucial to remain ...
  • Healthy Ramadan

    Fasting during the Holy Month can get difficult, especially during the peak of summer. Follow these tips to ensure you have a healthy Ramadan and avoid health problems. 1. Don’t skip meals Avoid skipping meals, especially Suhoor. Eating slow carbs as you wake up will give you lasting energy throughout the day. If you don’t have ...
  • Foods for healthy hair

    Foods for healthy and better looking hair. Every individual craves for healthy and better looking hair, luscious locks, that won’t diminish with age. Hence, be careful of what you eat, as the nutrients you consume are essential to fortify follicles, each strand of your hair and your scalp. If you want to get rid of dull, ...
  • prevent Back Pain

    Prevent back pain with some useful tips. There is hardly any person could be found who was not affected from low back pain or waist pain. Those who work in office with the habit of long sitting or the women whose menopause has happened are usually suffered from this problem. You can avoid this problem by ...
  • Mosquito bite

    Do you know Whose blood mosquitoes like more? Mosquitoes bite us due to some strange and scientific reasons. The season of mosquito has begun in the country. The trial for killing mosquitoes is going on throughout the country including Dhaka. In line with the tension between mosquitoes and people, let’s take a break to know to ...
  • Control your anger

    How to control your anger with some easy tips. Psychologists say anger is very normal and healthy expression. But that is true when you can control your anger. Excessive anger causes harm to the surrounding people of yours, mainly causes harm to you. Let’s see some tips to control your anger: Seek help of psychologist if ...