Sanju Set To Take Biggest Opening Of 2018

Sanju Set To Take Biggest Opening Of 2018 the film is arriving solo and that too at 4000 screens across the country.

Last release of the first half of 2018, Sanju, is here. There are certain films that are Superhit right from the time just the concept is floated around. That’s the case with Sanju which became hot the moment it was announced that Rajkumar Hirani would be directing the Sanjay Dutt tale.

Further curiosity was there when Ranbir Kapoor came on board. Yes, there were apprehensions around how Ranbir would look and act like Sanjay Dutt. However, one thing was a given that he would give a very able and mature performance.

All apprehensions were put to rest though when the posters of the film started coming out. This was followed by the superb teaser and the game was pretty much won by the team there and then.

Once the trailer was out, it was now a given that the film would be supremely entertaining and a great opening was on the cards as well.

Promotion and marketing of the film, which is produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra Films and Raju Hirani Films in association with Fox Star Studios, has been impeccable and the team has ensured that absolutely right kind of noise is made around Sanju.

The hype is at its peak and even though the songs haven’t worked, it doesn’t matter because Sanjuis primarily an emotional rollercoaster entertaining ride in the offering.

There is also huge benefit from the fact that the film is arriving solo and that too at 4000 screens across the country, hence being the biggest ever for Rajkumar Hirani and Ranbir Kapoor.

There is no competition from past, present or future which means the ground is wide open for Sanju to play around.

All of that would ensure that a minimum opening of 30 crore is pretty much on the cards for Sanju. As a matter of fact it won’t be surprising if the numbers veer towards the 35 crore mark as well.

However, all said and done, the biggest opening of 2018 is all set to be evidenced this Friday with the release.

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