Finnish application system

Finnish application system is quite easy and stress free. Applying to upper secondary education and higher education in Finland is done either through joint application or separate application. Some education institutions offer rolling admissions as well.

Finnish application System & Details

Joint applications

The Finnish joint applications are national application procedures the Finnish education institutions mostly use when selecting new students to upper secondary education institutions as well as to higher education institutions.

Finnish Application in joint application means that several education institutions offer their study programmes on one application form. It will save you the trouble to fill in multiple application forms and the juggle to remember all different deadlines and procedures in every application. Joint applications are coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Ministry of Education and Culture decides the timetables for joint applications and general procedures are regulated by a decree. Education institutions offer study programmes and select students to the study programmes according to their admission criteria.

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Applying through joint application is easy

Finnish Application is much more easy. Applying through joint application is done with one form per joint application. You can apply to a maximum of seven (upper secondary and vocational education) or six (higher education) study programmes with one form. Most education institutions and higher education institutions offer admission to their study programmes via joint applications so there are plenty of programmes to choose from.

The application periods vary between the levels of education.

  • To upper secondary institutions, applications usually are accepted in February-March.
  • Higher education institutions have three joint applications per year:
    • The first joint application is in January for English-taught degree programmes starting in the autumn term and
    • the second is in March for Finnish/Swedish-taught degree programmes starting in the autumn term and
    • the third is in August-September for a smaller number of degree programmes taught in Finnish/Swedish/English starting in the spring term.

Please note that English-taught degree programmes are not always available in the joint application. You apply to these study programmes directly to the education institution in separate application or via rolling admission. You should always check from the study programme overview if that study programme is in the joint application or separate application.

Separate applications

Finnish Application In separate application, you apply directly to the education institution with separate application form for each study programme and education institution. This means that depending on the institution’s application procedure, you apply with separate application form to each study programme in an institution or with one separate application form to several study programmes in one institution.

There are no limitations to the amount of study programmes you can apply to in separate application.

Rolling admissions

Vocational institutions as well as some higher education institutions offer admission year around in Finnish Application system.

Supplementary applications

Supplementary application round takes place if all study places offered during an application period are not filled. Admission criteria are the same as they were in the primary application round. Applying for study programmes in supplementary application takes place on different times depending on the degree programme level. More information will be given before the applications periods begin.

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