Study in Finland with Scholarship

Study in Finland with Scholarship and every information about admission and Entrance Exam. Here we will be updating regularly about the Finland education and its system so that you can easily process yours.

How you can Study in Finland or do your Higher studies in Finland? It’s quite simple, you just need to go through some steps and then you can easily enter in Finland for your higher studies.

How you can start the processing to study in Finland and also get scholarship?

Study in Finland Processing:

First you need to decide on which level and study you will be doin in Finland. As you already know that you are going for Bachelor or Masters you need these steps to follow.

  • Choose study level
  • Select University
  • Select Subjects from Studyinfo website
  • Apply for Joint or Separate Application
  • Give Exam if required, Mostly required
  • Pass and then pay the tuition fee
  • Start processing your visa

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How to apply for bachelor’s and master’s

There are two ways to apply to Study in Finland for higher education degree programme in Finland: joint application or separate application. Make sure to check how and when you need to apply to your chosen study programme. There is no application fee, applying is always free.
More information can be found from the study programme descriptions.

Bachelor’s programmes

Bachelor’s programmes are a type of higher education study programmes where a bachelor’s degree is awarded upon completion. Bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by universities and universities of applied sciences upon completion of a course of study lasting three to four and a half years demonstrating:

  • Advanced knowledge of a field of work or study, involving a critical understanding of theories and principles,
  • advanced skills, demonstrating mastery and innovation, required to solve complex and unpredictable problems in a specialised field of work or study and
  • Manage complex technical or professional activities or projects, taking responsibility for decision-making in unpredictable work or study contexts; take responsibility for managing professional development of individuals and groups

Who can apply for bachelor’s level studies?

In most cases you are eligible to apply for bachelor’s level studies in Finland if you are eligible to apply for higher education in your home country.

Eligibility to apply for bachelor’s degree programmes depends on having completed at least one of the following:

  • the Finnish matriculation examination
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma
  • a European Baccalaureate (EB) diploma
  • a Reifeprüfung (RP) diploma or Deutsche Internationale Abitur (DIA) diploma
  • vocational qualifications of three years or more in duration
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification, a further or specialist vocational qualification, or a comparable previous qualification or
  • a foreign qualification that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the awarding country

Depending on the higher education institution, you can additionally be eligible if you hold an Advanced International Certificate of Education degree (AICE) in Finland, have the right to study towards a university degree in Finland, or hold a degree conferred by a Finnish higher education institution or at least a bachelor’s level degree conferred by a foreign institution.

Also check language skill requirements from the higher education institution before you apply.

Always check specific admission criteria directly from the study programme description before you fill out an application form.

How to apply for bachelor’s level study in Finland

Bachelor’s level studies are provided by both universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). You can apply for most of the bachelor’s level studies conducted in English in joint application to higher education.

We will be sharing everything about Study in Finland and it’s visa process on different article and if you need more info please feel free to comment or visit our Facebook Page or Facebook Group to contact and information.

Now let’s elaborate the information and know more in details. As you are going to start your Application for Finland Education you are well aware on which level you are going to study.

Source: Studyinfo

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