Online platform Robi-10 Minute School has organised “MasterClasses”

Online platform Robi-10 Minute School has organised “MasterClasses”. 10-Minute School organises ‘MasterClasses’ for skill development.

The country’s noted professionals from different industries are conducting these special MasterClasses, said a press release on Sunday.

10 Minute School has organised “MasterClasses” to offer special skills-training along with lectures on challenging and interesting topics/subjects for the young learners.

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Different subjects including Filmmaking, Photography, Writing, Corporate Grooming, Storytelling, Web Development, Mojar Biggyan are being taught by the stalwarts in the respective areas. This is the first time, experts are coming together to offer such exclusive learning opportunity for the country’s youth, added the release.

Some of the instructors include Anisul Hoque, who is offering lectures on writing while photographer Prito Reza is teaching photography and Solaiman Shukhon is taking Corporate Grooming sessions.

MasterClass intends to provide classes from renowned instructors, making it possible for anyone in Bangladesh to learn from the best. Each class offers a unique learning experience which includes video lessons from the instructor. The programme is open for all and is held on the official Facebook Page of Robi-10 Minute School.

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