Government to add tax on Facebook-Twitter and YouTube

Government to add tax on Facebook-Twitter and YouTube. Social media site Facebook Video sharing site YouTube and the largest search engine Google is coming under taxes.

People are earning a lot of money through advertising on these sites but the government is not getting any taxes from these ads. Local media is facing loss for this.

According to the claims of newspaper owners, the taxes will be levied on the advertisements of these media, according to the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

NBR is saying that they will be brought under the budget of the next fiscal year 2018-19.

On Wednesday In the pre-budget discussion of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) in the conference room with the newspapers owner association of Bangladesh (noab) and Association of Television Channel Owners (Atco) discussed about this. The speakers requested to add tax on these sites.

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Nawab president Motiur Rahman said in the meeting that due to illegal advertising on YouTube-Facebook, revenue is being deprived.

Europe has imposed tax on these sites even india and other Country also added tax on their ads. But Bangladesh is not doing the same.

He also added that they (the social sites) earning a lot of money from it but our government is not getting a single penny from it. So they should be under the tax.

He said worrying about the future of the newspaper, to sustain this industry tax should withdraw from importing newsprint, reduce corporate tax and advance tax and VAT should be withdrawn from advertising.

In response NBR Chairman Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan said the reflection will be there on the next budget. YouTube and Facebook got enough time in this country. It is time to take them under tax. From now they will have to give tax.

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