Facebook is bringing new virtual currency

Facebook is bringing new virtual currency.

Bitcoin is already quite popular as a virtual currency. However, in the exclusive market of Bitcoin,
Virtual currency is coming out in the Facebook market. However, the Facebook’s digital cash system has not yet been named.

This currency can be exchanged between friends via whatsApp.

In January this year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said his interest in cryptocarrency. According to the UK-based The Sun, Facebook is focusing on its currency that the price should not ups and down as Bitcoin.

WhatsApp Money Transfer and payment system will be add with this. It will be a great job for the Facebook Marketplace. Initially, Facebook will check its currency in India’s market.

A Facebook spokesman said that checking the power of Blackchain-technology is seeing the possibility of using Facebook and its crypto-technology applications in a number of applications. The matter is yet to be developed.

Technology company Sinopsis analyst Steve Gigueri said that Facebook is going to enter new and risky technology sectors.

The concept of identifying the user’s wallet is more risky. There is also a risk of wallet applications hack. The results of such research are still late.

Facebook is bringing new virtual currency
Facebook is bringing new virtual currency

Earlier, Facebook would have to be clear about personal information. Apart from that, the general public will not keep money on Facebook with confidence in Facebook.

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