Do you know Whose blood mosquitoes like more?

Do you know Whose blood mosquitoes like more? Mosquitoes bite us due to some strange and scientific reasons.

The season of mosquito has begun in the country. The trial for killing mosquitoes is going on throughout the country including Dhaka. In line with the tension between mosquitoes and people, let’s take a break to know to whom mosquitoes are keen to bite, where mosquitoes stay in the day time and which preventive mechanism makes those nervous. Mosquitoes bite us due to some strange and scientific reasons.

Blood mosquitoes like

  • Blood mosquitoes like most. Mosquitoes usually bite pregnant women more than the general people.
  • If you drink beer then mosquitoes will bite you as they like essence of beer.
  • Mosquitoes like to stay around dense bushes. Besides, dark and humid spots are comfortable place for them. And stagnant water is their birth place.

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blood mosquitoes like
  • All blames go to the female origin. Don’t the females be panicked. It’s the female mosquitoes who bite people. Female mosquitoes eat blood but the male mosquitoes eat liquid elements from plants. The female mosquitoes eat blood from people and attain capability to lay hundred to four hundred eggs.
  • If bad smell spread from your feet then mosquitoes will bite you.
  • It would be strange to know that mosquitoes bite us just after doing exercise. Because, people take more breathe after exercising. Carbon dioxide comes out from body when we release breathe. Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes.

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