Do not buy mangoes for next 15 days said Magistrate

RAB and BSTI mobile court conducted the joint operation on Thursday. ‘Unripe mangoes are being sold in the market.

These mangoes are being ripened by spraying calcium carbide and other chemicals. Those are injurious to health.

So you should not buy the ripe mangoes for the next 10 to 15 days,’ RAB headquarter executive magistrate Sarwar Alam said these to the newsmen after completing joint operation at Jatrabari fruit warehouse in the capital.

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Sarwar Alam said, the outer shapes of the mangoes seem ripe but these are ripened with injurious chemicals.

Car AccessoriesDo not buy mangoes for next 15 days said Magistrate

He said, by eating these mangoes one can infected with diarrhea and other long term diseases. The magistrate said, during the operation one thousand maunds mangoes were damaged and 40 maunds of dates were seized.

The mobile court also ordered jail and fines of different terms for 9 individuals of six shops. According to the ‘Mango calendar’ of Agriculture Department all kinds of Guti mangoes will arrive in the market from May 20.

Do not buy mangoes for next 15 days said MagistrateDo not buy mangoes for next 15 days said Magistrate

Gopalbhog will arrive on May 25, Himsagor and Khirsapati on May 28. Lakkhonbhog will arrive on June 1, Lengra on June 5, Amrupali, Fazli and Surma Fazli on June 15.  Ashina mango will begin to arrive from July 1.

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