Admission form for the government school in Dhaka starting on December 1

The admission form for the government school in Dhaka started on 1 December.

From December 1 to 13 the admission forms of class one to nine grade will be distributed in the government secondary schools in Dhaka City. Student have to apply in online this year also.

This decision was taken in the 2019 education-related policy-related meeting today under the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi).

Maushi’s Director (Secondary) Prof Abdul Mannan told this information to the media.

According to the decision, admission test from 2nd to ninth grade will be held on 17, 18 and 19 December. The admission test will be held in 35 different government schools of Dhaka city as well as divided into three ‘groups’.

The results will be published on December 30. Class One admissionary lottery will be held on December 23.

Professor Abdul Mannan said that the date of admission test for other government secondary schools in the country will be fixed locally as per the date.

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