21 Qurbani animal hat will sits in Dhaka

The moon of the holy month of Zilhajj has been sighted in the sky of Bangladesh. Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated throughout the country on August 22, Wednesday.

People are already excited for buying and selling animals for this upcoming Qurbani Eid. A total of 21 places in Dhaka North and South City Corporation surrounded the Kharbani Eid Animal hats will sit.

Among them, 8 will be included in Gabtoli Permanent Hat on the north and 13 temporary hats in the south of Dhaka. Within the next few days, there will be gathering of cattle, goats, buffalo, camel and crowd from different districts of the country.

Among the eight hats of Dhaka North City Corporation :

  1. Uttara 15 Number, Sector 2 at the west side of the bridge up to Golchattar both sides of the road.
  2. Mirpur DOHS In adjoining empty places of Shetu Properties north side.
  3. Mirpur Section-2 (Eastern Housing) empty space.
  4. Near the Mohammadpur intellectual road, the police line is empty space.
  5. Ashian City Housing.
  6. Khilkhet Banarapa residential area empty space.
  7. Bhatara (Saeed Nagar) hat and Gabtali permanent animal hat.

13 Temporary Hats will be installed on Dhaka South City Corporation :

  1. Meradia market empty place.
  2. North Shahjahanpur, Khilgaon, Railway Gate Bazar, Maitree Sangha field.
  3. Brothers Union empty field.
  4. Empty space around the Kamlapur Railway station.
  5. Zhigatola Hajaribag Field.
  6. The empty space adjacent to the playground of Rahmatganj.
  7. Kamrangirchar.
  8. The empty space adjacent to the Armanitola Playground
  9. The empty space adjacent to Dhupkhola U.& Club.
  10. Dholaykhal Truck terminal near Sadek Hossain Khoka ground

Apart from the Gabtoli permanent hat, the rest are placed on temporary basis for Eid. All hats tender has been announced by the month before the notification was made.

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Car Accessories21 Qurbani animal hat will sits in Dhaka


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21 Qurbani animal hat will sits in Dhaka21 Qurbani animal hat will sits in Dhaka
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