Visit Rangamati on this holiday

Visit Rangamati on this holiday. Every year hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists visit the Queen of the beauty Rangamati to see the form of beauty.

You can visit Rangamati on this holiday with your family or friends to see the beauty of Rangamati.

Visit Rangamati on this holiday

How to go to Visit Rangamati:

You can take Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, and BRTC bus from Dhaka Saydabad, Kolabagan, Fakirapul or from Dhaka Gabtoli to visit Rangamati. It will be best to take a bus from Dhaka Saydabad.

Usually, Non-AC bus rent 620 taka, and AC bus rent per seat is 800 taka. (Shyamoli and BRTC bus have AC service).

There are two buses of each company leaves at 8 am, 9 am and 10 am. Again in night, every company’s two buses leave within 8 pm to 10 pm. Fares can be little ups and down from the original.


Where to stay:

You can easily stay at many hotels or motels when you are at Rangamati. Hotel Sufia, Shanghai International, Hotel Prince, etc among the hotels.

The hotel’s non-AC Single Room rent is between 600 to 1200 taka and double room 800-1500 taka. And AC Single Room Rent is 1000-1800 taka, Double 1500-2500 taka.

The motel includes George Motel, tourism/porjaton motel, etc. Apart from this, there are beautiful accommodation facilities in government tourism complexes.

Travel Kaptai Lake in a Boat :

Kaptai lake is one of the main sources of the beauty of Rangamati. Rangamati’s philosophies will remain incomplete if you don’t travel by boat in kaptai lake.

You can get engine boats from Reserve Market, Tawalchari and Banarupa Ghat. The rent is not very high. For 10 members group to see 7-8 spot the fare will be only 1500 to 2500 taka. Also, if you want to go to different districts, you will be charged differently.


Hanging Bridge- Rangamati

Want to see the hanging/Jhulonto bridge?

You have to take CNG from Rangamati City’s Doyel Chattar or Tobalchari Bazar. Rent from Doyel Chattar will cost Tk 100 and Tk 50 from Tobalchari Baza.

How to go to Shuvalong Fountain?

If you want to go to Shuvalong Fountain from the city then you have to go by waterways. The best way to reserve an engine-powered trawler. Shuvalong Fountain is on Borkol Upazila of Rangamati district.

The trawler can get from the Rangamati Reserve Market area or from the tourist area. Their rent is different according to boat size. But the rent is usually between 1200-3000 taka. It takes one and a half hours from the main city to reach Shuvalong.

How to go to Ghagra Fountain?

It is located at Kalabagan Hajhachari. This waterfall is mainly flowing during the monsoon. There are 5-6 large small fountains in this area. You can reserve CNG from Rangamati City to reach there. Rent 200-250 taka.

Apart from this, there are many places to be visited in Rangamati, Kaptai Lake, Kaptai Project, T-Garden, DC Bungalow, Karnaphuli River between two hills, Banwihar etc.


Local foods:

There are 11 small ethnic groups living in Rangamati, they have different cultures and their food are also different. You can eat these foods if you want. There are several restaurants in the middle of the lake or in the city.

On the way to Shuvalong in the middle of the lake, there are several restaurants including Changpang, Maizeang, Marmaid, Padding, Tuktuk ekoviljas and the city inside the city, including Javan, kabang, sabarang.

In these restaurants, a variety of local food items like bamboo karul, legumes, bamboo chicken are available for local small ethnic groups. These foods are worth the price when you Visit Rangamati.

Hope you will enjoy the visit Rangamati. If you need more information or Updates please feel free to ask us on our Facebook Page or our Facebook Group.

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