• Visit Rangamati

    Every year hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists visits the Queen of the beauty Rangamati to see the form of beauty. You can visit Rangamati on this holiday with your family or friends to see the beauty of Rangamati. How to go : You can take Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam and BRTC bus from ...
  • 634

    Visit Rajbari A small district of Dhaka Division. Rajbari is a district to the middle east of Bangladesh and that it is a part of Dhaka division. Settled beside the mighty Padma River the river has different archeological glory and that it had history courageous martyrs fighting for the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war. The district is ...
  • Puri only at fifty paisa

    Eat Puri on at fifty paisa and Piyaju at one taka only. Isn’t it unbelievable? it’s true that you can get Puri only at fifty paisa and Piyaju at one taka. It’s not a story or joke it’s true. Nowadays you can’t even get a chocolate in fifty pasia but it’s true that you can ...
  • Visit Bangladesh

    Visit Tongibari The Heritage sites in Bangladesh. There are many places to visit in Bangladesh and of course the most beautiful places is here. If you are planning a day-trip to visit a few heritage sites close to Dhaka. Then make a trip to Tongibari, a part of the-then Bikrampur capital of Bengal. We managed ...