Visit Beautiful Monpura Island in Vola Bangladesh

Visit Beautiful Monpura Island in Vola Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the most beautiful country in the world and it has many places that you are not aware of how beautiful they are.

Today we will guide you and tell you about one of the beautiful places actually Island named “Monpura”.  You must have watched Chancal Chaudhury’s Monpura Movie right?

The famous film “Monpura” its shooting was completed here. The film was directed by Gias Uddin Salim. After the Monpura film released “Monpura island” became popular.

Visit Beautiful Monpura Island

The beauty of the beautiful beauty is our Bangladesh. Actually, you can not understand when you’re at home. You have to go out to realize the beauty and the Monpura Island is one of it.

Manpura Island

Manpura Island is an island in the northern Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, at the mouth of the Meghna river. It is part of Manpura upazila, Bhola District. The island has experienced pirate attacks. The island has an area of 373 km².

How to Go Monpura Island>

From Dhaka Sadarghat there is two launches leave for Monpura Island. M V Farhan left at 05:30 PM and another is Tasrif left at 06:00 PM. These two are left for Hatiya, Monpura.

Get some dry food and water before entering launch because in the launch foods are much costly.

Now enjoy your launch journey because night travel and in the water is really interesting and beautiful.

The launch will reach at 5 in the morning. Now get down from the launch and freshen up. You will see people are waiting with motor bike and other. They will come to you and ask you where to go. Just lend one for the whole day to visit the whole island.

Motor bike will cost 500 Taka, if you are two then, of course, it will cost you less.

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Where to Stay and Eat>

You have to go “Hajir Hat” for rent hotel room or Dak Banglo and also for eat. Dak Bangla will cost 500 per room and it’s easy to stay 4-5 person in one room if you want. In Hajir Hat you can eat fishes and other it will be available between 60-70 taka.

Please take your power bank for charge because in Monpura electricity will be available 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM it means just half time of night you will get electricity there.

Well the biker will show you the visiting places you don’t need to worry about at all. If you want you can finish your tour in one day.

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Back to Dhaka>

If you want you can stay the night but you will get launch only at noon. M V Farhan left for Dhaka at 02:30 PM & Tasrif left at 03:00 PM.

The evening moment is the most beautiful at Monpura Island. People are so good and helpful there.


Please don’t through your stuffs here and there and don’t spoil the beauty. May your tour makes you happiest!

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We always welcome you to share and explore the knowledge with everyone and we try to give our best so that everyone can easily understand and use the information for their personal use. have a good day and safe journey. Enjoy!

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