Thank your mother for your intelligence

Thank your mother for your intelligence! Here’s why?!

A child inherits intelligence from the mother :

Every parent is proud of their children. One of the first observations people make after a baby is born is, “Does he look like his father or mother?” And the proud parents will inspect the minutest details about the newborn and attribute the best features to the genes the child might have inherited from the paternal or the maternal side.

According to scientists, intelligence is inherited from the X chromosomes of the mother that have over 1,000 genes and we all know that we all have one pair of chromosomes in every cell of our body. While men carry one X and one Y chromosomes, a woman has two X chromosomes.

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As the child grows up, the lineage of his achievements—how fast he walks, the way he talks or smiles—will be traced back to the family gene pool. And when a child is praised for his or her intelligence by people and teachers, that’s the best feeling for a parent and they would not even mind taking a little credit for it.

In fact, if science is to be believed, a child inherits intelligence from the mother. Here’s what a research has to say.

Thank your mother for your intelligence

Researchers from a Scottish study closely monitored around 12,600 people aged between 14 to 22 years and observed their cognitive abilities. After an extensive research, they found that the most powerful indicator of a child’s intelligence is the mother’s IQ.

Another study was carried out on genetically modified rats. Interestingly, the researches found that mice who had inherited more genes from the mother had larger brains and those with more paternal genes had smaller brains and larger body.

Although it is often challenged, many scientists believe that 40-60 per cent of intelligence is hereditary. Which means the environment in which a child grows up also plays a leading role in shaping his or her intellect.

A mother’s influence on children’s cognitive abilities is not merely restricted to the genes. According to experts, the close bond that a child and mother share has an influential role in the development of the child’s intellectual ability.

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