Eat Puri at fifty paisa and Piyaju at one taka only

Eat Puri on at fifty paisa and Piyaju at one taka only. Isn’t it unbelievable? it’s true that you can get Puri only at fifty paisa and Piyaju at one taka.

It’s not a story or joke it’s true. Nowadays you can’t even get chocolate in fifty pasia but it’s true that you can eat puri at fifty paisa and piyaju at one taka only.

To eat this fifty paisa puri and one taka piyaju you have to go to “Kolatiya”. From Dhaka Mohammadpur bus stand almost 11 and half kilometer away Under Keraniganj District Kolatiya is situated.

A dense green-colored environment can fill the heart of anyone there.

Eat Puri at fifty paisa and Piyaju at one taka only

When you reach Kalatia market, you will see a hundred-year-old tree. Its stems are spread around and its branches. Now you will see a small hotel in the right corner of the tree where you will get Puri at fifty paisa.

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Although there is no signboard, it is known locally as Manik Hotel. And Manik is known as ‘Hotel Manik’

Going forward in front of Manik’s hotel, small Puri (pork) and Piyaju (onion made with potato flour) you will see there.

Though the size of puri and piyaju is small but attractive. Its scent will increase your appetite. And the taste is unparalleled. That said, a student who was eating there.

Some students were visiting there and when they got to know that the price is fifty paisa only they got curious and went there. That’s why they eat with happiness.

A student said “I think i am in the era of Isha Khan”. It is not possible to find anything so cheap in 2018. Puri, Piyaju, both are excellent.

Manik Mia has been selling low price Puri and Piyazu for 19 years. His son help him in the work. And he has an employee in the hotel.

manik mia puri seller

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Asking about Puri and Piyaju Manik mia said “Many People come here to eat puri and piyaju, some people daily order more than 100 puri from dhaka also. “

The hotel is open in the morning. But puri and Piyaju is only make in the afternoon. In the morning you will get Porata with vegetable and fried egg.

In the afternoon Puri and Piyaju makeing start and till 8 pm you can get those everyday.

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