Some Wrong conceptions about diet

Some Wrong conceptions about diet. Many are anxious about their health at present. They are taking help of internet to attract them as beautiful and slim.

They are making the list of diet through listening people and with help of online. There is a doubt over the diet without advice of the physician. Method of Wrong conceptions about diet may increase your weight and harm you physically.

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Wrong conceptions about diet:

  • Taking extra food after exercise: You are losing your weight by hard exercise but on the other hand your weight may gain by taking calorie enriched food. Maintain the habit of measured exercise and food.
  • Extra exercise is necessary: Extra exercise for losing weight can make you tired and sick. So measured and regular exercise can help you to lose your weight.
  • Weight loss happens for not taking food: A good number of people avoid breakfast and dinner for their diet. If you avoid food for one time then you would take more food in the next time because of starvation and that will gain your weight. So take nutritious food every time.
Wrong conceptions about diet
  • For quick weight loss: There is somebody who maintains crash diet for quick weight loss. In this type of diet for one week, ten days or one month duration there is a wrong conception that taking food without the ingredients of carbohydrate and calorie weight loss may happen. You may fall sick for sudden weight loss due to crash diet. So follow diet by taking time on your hand. For weight loss it needs time and patience.
  • Getting fat for taking food in the night: There is a wrong conception that people get fat by taking food in the night. Do not sleep just after taking dinner. Take your dinner three hours before you go to sleep and take a walk in the night.

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Now just leave these Wrong conceptions about diet and follow what you need and what not. Wish you a good health.

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