Meena Cartoon New Episode Amra Khelte Chai

Meena Cartoon New Episode Amra Khelte Chai.

Meena (Bengali: মীনা) is a fictional character who stars in the South Asian children’s television show Meena. The show has been broadcast in Bengali, English, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu.

Meena Cartoon based on a young girl from a small village who has a pet parrot. She is South Asian and doesn’t have much money but yet she is a household name throughout the region. When she speaks she can command an audience of hundreds of millions of children.

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Who is she? She is Meena and this is Meena Cartoon.

Let me introduce you. Meena is a 9 year old girl who was born in Bangladesh in 1991. She has a pet parrot called Mithu, younger siblings Raju and Rani and they all live together with Meena’s parents and grandmother in the village. In many ways, Meena is just like any other little girl you know. But in some ways she is completely different.

Meena is a cartoon character. She is the culmination of years of research and she is now a daughter not only of Bangladesh but of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. This show was developed out of a need to confront the extreme discrimination against girls in South Asia. She would talk about serious issues such as education, early marriage, unequal food and work load.

She’s not known by any other name. She’s feisty, courageous, humourous and above all she is beloved. It’s a wonderful sight to see; a group of young girls and boys who light up like a birthday cake when you mention their friend, Meena. To them she is alive, she is fun and she is inspirational.

Meena educates the children of South Asia on issues of gender, health, and social inequality through her stories in comic books, animated films (Meena Cartoon) and radio series (affiliated with the BBC)

Secondary characters of her stories include her brother Raju and her pet parrot Mithu. Her adventures include attempting to get an education, having an equal share of food as Raju, and learning about the HIV virus, the right way to give birth to a baby, and helping people. All of her stories advocate change in social and cultural practices.

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In Meena Cartoon her popularity is due to her not being closely bound to just one country or culture of South Asia, but uniting the common characteristics of them all. The character of Meena was created by famous Bangladeshi cartoonist Mustafa Monwar, and was partly due to UNICEF, an organization that supports the growing educational awareness of South Asia through Meena and her stories.

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