Speed up your Computer with some tips

Bought a new computer? The Computer will run smoothly when it’s new but after passing days gradually the computer speed will decrease. Speed up your Computer with some tips.

If you follow some steps frequently you can Speed up your Computer speed.

Let’s know how to increase your Computer speed :

  • Do not install themes or animated wallpaper on your Computer. The theme makes the computer slow.
  • Keep the recycle bin all the time empty. Do not keep any files in the recycle bin.
  • From start, menu go to run and type Prefetch, temp,% temp%, cookies, recent one by one, and when the folders open delete all the files.
  • To refresh and increase the efficiency of your RAM go to run and type tree and press Enter. Do this whenever you want.
  • Open My Computer and move your mouse over the C drive and right-click on Properties. Then click on Disk Cleanup and wait for some time. When the new window arrives, check all boxes on the left side and click OK. Thus, each drive can be cleaned.

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    Speed up your Computer with some tips

Speed up your Computer with some tips
Speed up your Computer with some tips

How you can Speed up your Computer.

  • The PC may slow down due to the virus. For that Scan the virus Regularly. You can use Antivirus. But do not use multiple antiviruses on one PC.
  • The computer may be slow for additional dust. Therefore, at least once a month, the CPU should be cleaned and its dust should be cleaned.
  • Do not put unnecessary data on C Drive try in another drive.
  • Remove unnecessary software from your PC. The PC may be slow from unnecessary software.
  • Increase your computer’s virtual memory.
  • Delete your internet browsing history and cookies every 1 month. This will increase the speed of your browser.
  • Do not open more tabs in the browser at the same time. Just open the tab that you need. When finished, cut out the old one and open a new one, and do not use add-ons in the browser.
  • Every month open your RAM and clean it. It will reduce the problem of restarting or not displaying.
  • Turn off automatic updates and firewalls.
  • Which software or Programs you are not using keep them close. If you do not close these programs or software they will take your PC’s RAM space and keep your PC slow.
  • Do not always open your PC or Laptop. Practice keeping your computer off regularly.
  • Remove large-size files from the computer.

The best way to speed up computer speed is to buy a good configuration computer.

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