Anny Khan in the role of widow woman

In a serial, created for Eid, Spectacular Presenter and actress Anny Khan. Popular actor Faruque Ahmed is in contrast with Anny in the 7 episode drama titled ‘Mahin er Rupban Biye’.

Regarding the play, Anny told “I played the role of a girl named Mitali. Here audience will see me as a widowed woman. Farooq bhai loves me very much. The story goes forward in various events. Mosharraf Karim is the main character in the play.

Anny Khan

Anny worked with Director Sagar Jahan for the first time she said. He characterized my character very seriously. Hopefully the audience will like the work.

Anny Khan
Actress Anny Khan

Sagar Jahan has written and directed the play ‘Mahin er Rupban Biye’

The series will be shown on the popular private television channel RTV next Eid-ul-Azha.

Anny is doing regular work on the small screen. Her appearance in the presentation and drama regularly. In the meantime she decided to get married.

When will this actress marry? In reply, Anny Khan said, ‘Preferred people is already selected. But when i will marry, it is still not final. I wish to complete the good work next year.

However, the matter of marriage is in Allah’s hand. We only do the plan. It all goes to his signal. As it is the marriage can take place any time.

Anny Khan

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