Robi launched an android app-‘Noor’ for Islamic digital service

Robi launched an android app – ‘Noor’ for Islamic digital service. Robi has recently launched an android app – Noor, in a bid to introduce a comprehensive Islamic digital service in the country, says UNB.

The app allows users to pay zakat, sadaqah, and donations. It also includes the history of the holy Quran, Hadith, Prayer, Hajj and Raza, “Seheri” and “Iftar” schedule, Tasbeeh count, and other Islamic information. 

Table of Contents

The service ‘Noor’ brings together a wide swathe of vital information on Islamic rituals, customs and the correct conduct to pursue an individual’s Islamic way of life in the ongoing month of holy Ramadan.

Noor Islamic App

The android app and WAP ( based service provides the most extensive information on Namaz timing, hajj, Ramadan calendar, Doa, Qur’an recitation, Namaz Shikkha, Tasbih, Quibla compass, making it very convenient to practise Islam.

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Besides, the mosque locator feature helps to locate nearby mosques in any parts of the country; Zakaat Calculator allows individuals to calculate the payable zakat for individuals.

The Noor service will be available on daily as well as 15 days subscription basis.

The daily subscription is priced at Tk 2.44 and the 15 days subscription price is Tk 8.52 inclusive of taxes.

Once a user subscribes to the service, it will keep renewing until the subscriber opt to out of it.

Subscribers to this service will also be able to download a wide category of Islamic content like: Ringtone, Islamic Wallpapers, Islamic Animation, Islamic Song, Islamic Video, Live Video etc. More details were available at Robi’s corporate website

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