Asif and Akhi Alamgir took a storm by Wet in the rain

Asif and Akhi Alamgir took a storm by Wet in the rain. There is nothing new to introduce Asif Akbar and Akhi Alamgir. They are very popular both in their own places.

This time, two popular musicians gave a singing voice together. And the title of this song is ‘Tip Tip Bristhi’.

Asif and Akhi Alamgir

Asif and Akhi Alamgir Song

Asif and Akhi Alamgir has been modeled in the video as well as the singing. These two stars have been found to wet in the romantic song in the rain.

On Monday evening, the song ‘Tip Tip Brishti’ has released the music video on YouTube. More than 60 thousand views have appeared in the very first hour of publication.

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Asif Akbar and Akhi Alamgir’s songs are praised by the song written by Torun Munshi. In addition, the audience has liked their chemistry on the video.

Asif fans know that many director offered asif for movie in the leading role. But Asif never responded to any directors request.

And that’s why Asif Akbar wrote on Facebook, Those who wish me to watch acting in Bengali movies, I hope they will be happy to see Tip Tip Brishti song.

Bhaskar Joni has directed Asif-Akhi’s new romantic song Tip Tip Brishti.

The song was arranged by Torun Munshi and Tanvir Dawood Roni.

The song was released on the YouTube channel of Dhruv Music Station.

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