Nusraat Faria’s debut single ‘Pataka’ released Today

Nusraat Faria’s debut single ‘Pataka’ released Today. Actress Nusrat Faria is going to emerge as a singer through the music video of the song titled ‘Pataka’, which is released today.

Actors lending their voices for playback are nothing new in Bengali cinema. But Nusraat Faria has decided to step forward and go against the trend to do something new while starting her singing career.

Nusraat Faria’s Voice

Nusrat Faria gave a voice of the song `Pataka` in December last year. Faria said after practising for almost 6 months, she gave the recording of the song.

This song`s lyrics given by Rakib Hasan Rahul, tune and music by Pritom Hasan and directed by Indian director Baba Yadav. Faria herself modelled in this music video.

The song, written and composed by Rakib Rahul and Pritom Hasan respectively, narrates the story of a struggling girl and her ultimate success, said Nusrat Faria.

‘As I am not a professional singer, recording the song was a challenge for me. I had to practice singing for six months before recording the song,’ said Nusrat.

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‘When I was preparing to record the song singer Kona encouraged me to push forward. Thanks to her, I was able to stay focused,’ added Nusrat, who flew to India on Sunday to promote music video of Pataka, which is released on CMV in Bangladesh and SVF Music in India today.

It will also be available on the website of Banglaflix.

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Nusraat Faria
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