Winter Skin Care for New Mom

Winter Skin Care According to the health experts, mothers must follow a good winter skincare regimen to keep their skin nourished and hydrated.

It’s winter and during this season the cold air strips your skin of natural moisture, leaving it dull, dry, itchy and flaky.

As a new mom, you may not have the time as your little one might keep you on your toes. But Winter Skin Care is important.

“New and expectant moms need that extra bit of care, especially in this tender period of motherhood. Skincare regimen not only appeases one physically, but also has a calming effect emotionally. But, it is equally important to be mindful of the product choices we make,” said Subhashini N.S., ayurveda expert.

“It is suggested to choose products that are developed using natural ingredients and are free from any form of harsh chemicals to keep themselves and their little ones safe,” Subhashini said.

She shares quick Winter Skin Care tips that every mom can easily remember and at the same time incorporate them in the everyday routine.

With emergency nappy changing, elongated crying and night shifts, a new mom might feel overwhelmed with new changes around her and in her routine! When you are a new mommy then we are sure your skincare has already taken a backseat as it is natural that you struggle to keep up with your routine, the experts said.

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Winter Skin Care for New Mom.

This season is all about maintaining the moisture of your skin, as it is crucial for keeping it hydrated. So, replace your regular cleanser with a gentle, hydrating cleanser, moisture-rich ingredients like virgin coconut oil, cocoa and mango butter, the doctor said.

According to Subhashini, opting for a body butter infused with the goodness of cocoa butter and glycerin helps soothe and hydrate the skin more effectively than lotions. Winter Skin Care is more important.

It further helps tackle dry and flaky skin, that most new and pregnant moms face.

Winter Skin Care

Massage is an effective and proven remedy to stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress, and help body recover fast, the doctor suggested.

“During breastfeeding, it is important to practice personal care and hygiene. Initially, during breastfeeding, one may encounter sore nipples and cracked skin area surrounding the nipples,” she said.

“Using a nipple care butter enhanced with virgin coconut oil helps protect skin from cracks and Kokum Butter helps deeply moisturize skin,” she said.

Apart from a healthy skincare routine, the doctor advises new moms to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, which are high in healthy fats as they help repair damaged skin.

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