Pori Moni has started her producing career with “Khoto”

Pori Moni has started her producing career with “Khoto”. Bangladeshi model and actor Pori Moni has recently started off her career as a producer. She launched her production company named Sonar Tori at BFDC’s floor number 7 on Friday afternoon. She will be the chairman of her newly formed production company.

Pori Moni reportedly named the company after a poem written by her favourite poet Rabindranath Tagore by the same title.

Pori Moni’s Khoto

Pori Moni will produce her first movie with Zayed Khan on the movie named “Khoto”. The first glimpse of the poster of ‘Khoto’ on Friday has piqued the curiosity of the movie goers. The actor in the poster had a very different look, with trimmed hair and shaved lines.

Pori Moni

The actress Pori Moni is a familiar face, but who is the actor?

This is Zayed Khan, confirmed the director of the film, Shamim Ahmed Roni.

Speaking of Zayed’s new look, the director said, his new look is for the character in the film. Zayed has worked on it for two months.
The poster of ‘Khoto’ is out on Friday just before the muhurat (inaugural) of the film at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC).

Zayed will play Manchhu in the film.

“The character, I am playing in the film, demands trimmed hair. It’s a very challenging role. I have to work really hard for it,” said Zayed, during the muhurat.

Pori Moni will be seen opposite Zayed in the film. She will play the character Maya.

The film will be made under the banner of Pori’s production house ‘Sonar Tori Multimedia’.

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The shooting of ‘Khoto’ will start on 14 April in different locations of Sylhet.

The popular Dhallywood actor recently was admitted to a hospital as she was suffering from a fever and also called herself off from a film for that reason. She has recovered and is returning to work with the launch of her new production company.

On another note, Gias Uddin Selim’s upcoming film “Swapnajaal,” starring Pori Moni is slated to be released on April 6.

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