‘Poramon 2’ trailer launch at Cannes Film Festival

‘Poramon 2’ trailer launch at Cannes Film Festival. Teaser trailer of Bangladeshi film production and distribution company Jaaz Multimedia’s upcoming film “Poramon 2” (“Hell & Heaven”) published at Cannes Film Festival 2018 on Saturday evening at 5pm France time, and 9pm Bangladesh time.

The session aired live on Jaaz Multimedia’s official Facebook page and released on their official YouTube at the same time. The announcements were made on their official page on Friday.

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Jaaz Multimedia also made claims that a film of minimum quality takes two crore taka, and a well made film takes about four to five crore taka to produce.

But they said that 90 percent of these films do not even raise the money to cover their poster and publicity campaign expenses. They even claimed that the last two films of Shakib Khan made only 1.25 crore taka from ticket sales. 

So they think that the films of Bangladesh need to find overseas markets in order to survive. The post also said that last year more than 25 films were released in the first three months, whereas this year only 15 films got theatrical releases in total. In that momentum they are worried if even five films will get released in 2019 or not.

So the company has gone to the Cannes film market and invited foreign investors and distributors at their teaser launch event. They have already spoken with many foreign film professionals. The company is worried if their foreign venture does not work it will be hard for them to continue to make films at all.

They even said that these cannot be done by a single person or organization, and initiatives need to be taken by a nation’s government.

Each country including China, India, Thailand and their flags are here at the festival, but the Bangladeshi flag could not be found.

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The company also expressed their concern as each nation has an Export Development Bureau to handle these initiatives, but Bangladeshis are only focused on clothing, leather and handicrafts and have no investments in events such as film festivals.

On a previous post published from their official Facebook page on Friday, Jaaz Multimedia announced that they are at Cannes for the first time with their film, but not to attend the festival. They said that they are there with their film “Poramon 2” to attend the 71st Cannes Film Festival’s film market known as Marche du Film. Jaaz Multimedia thinks that it is high time that they distribute the films of Bangladesh all over the world.

Poramon 2” is directed by young filmmaker Raihan Rafi, starring Siam Ahmed and Pujja Cherry. The film is a sequel to Zakir Hossain Raju’s 2013 feature “Poramon” starring Simon and Mahi, which was commercially very successful.

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