Basundhara Residential Area Dish Connection BumbellBee

Basundhara Residential Area Dish Connection BumbellBee.

Do you live in Basundhara Residential Area or shifting yourself in Basundhara? Then you must know about the dish or the Cable connection for your TV. Here BumbellBee is one and only provider.

Do you know there is only one provider who provide dish connection. Here i will tell you each and every details about BumbellBee dish line connection. Yes it is BumbellBee who provide whole Basundhara Residential Area’s dish line and you will not find any other provider for dish connection except d2h connections.

Now let me tell you how to get the connection for your home. They have no online activities for their service you have to go to their office by your own and tell them for connection.

When to Apply & what to do:

  • First you have to go to their office, beside TopTen showroom Basundhara Main Road.
  • They will ask you to fill up their New connection form which will be available on their desk.
  • You will need a Passport size photo and your Present Basundhara Address.
  • Now you will have to give them the form to give you the money receipt for new connection and fisrt month bill.
  • They will give you Bank receipt, one for new connection charge and one for 1st month bill.
  • New connection charge 5750 Taka.
  • 1st Month bill will be on your choice. They have 4 Packages which is Basic – 345 Taka, Hindi Masti – 115 Taka, English Thrill – 115 Taka and Sports pack -115 Taka.
  • You have to tik on the form what you want with basic pack. For all the pack you have to give 690 Taka per month.
  • Now after taking the Bank receipt you have to go to the bank and deposit the amount.
  • Again with the Bank receipt you have to go their office, Now they will give you the set-top Box and tell you that you will get connection within 3 days or later.

One more thing when you should apply? They offer their upcoming month bill from 23rd of the month. It means if you are going to take the connection for next month you can apply from 23rd day of present month. If you apply before they will take your money for present month.

If you need more information please feel free to comment. Thank you!

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