It is possible to be sterile through ozu

It is possible to be sterile through ozu: Mufti Tayyib. The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 6 Lacs. So far 48 people have been affected in our country.

Doctors say to avoid public meetings to prevent the effects of the virus, to avoid mass transit, and the importance of washing hands frequently. So what you think It is possible to be sterile through ozu?

The World Health Organization has also given a formula on the importance of handwashing. Which has many similarities with the ozu of Muslims. So be sterile through ozu.

Scholars and Muslims say that the formula provided by the World Health Organization has a lot in common with Muslims.

It is possible to be sterile through ozu: Mufti Tayyib

Every day five times a day prayers, external parts of the body are cleansed from viruses, dust, and disinfection by washing hands, nose, ears, head hair, and legs.

Islam has given importance to every Muslim to remain clean in a state of all times. He has been asked to get ozu even before going to bed at night. It is possible to be sterile through ozu.

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In verse 6 of Surah Al-Ma’idah of the Holy Qur’an, it is said: O you who believe, when you want to stand up in prayer, wash your hands and face and to your elbows, wipe your head and wash your feet up to the ankles.

Besides, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to wash his hands, to cool off, to wipe his teeth, to clean his ears and nose, to the wrists at the beginning of the ozu.

About this, senior Muhaddis Mufti Tayyib Ahmad of Jamia Amber Shah Islami of Dhaka’s Karwan Bazar said, “In the Quran, Allah Ta’ala says, I certainly like repentant and purifying ones.”

Besides, the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that purity is half of the faith.

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It is possible to be sterile through ozu. Aju is one of the means of achieving purity. And Allah Almighty has mentioned in the Qur’an how to do this.

There are two types of holiness, he said. External and inside of the body. The Muslim is gaining spiritual purity by recognizing monotheism through the Kalema Tayyibah, as well as acquiring external purity through the bath and aju. Both the spiritual and the external are sacred in Islam.

Mufti Tayyib said that one of the very important aspects of what Allah Almighty has said to man in the Qur’an about achieving purity is that he says in one place, no matter how bad or harmful you may be, it is said that it is important to achieve purity.

This proves that Allah does not want any harm to man. And that is why Azu said to attain purity. And keep Allah in the custody of the one who purifies.

Mufti Tayyib said that in the Qur’an, Allah has said that the washing of hands and cleanliness is being said about 1400 years ago. People can protect themselves from various diseases and infections by attaining the purity of the bath, if necessary.

He said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized not only the purity of the body but also the cleanliness of the house. The dirt should not be hidden in the corners of the house or anywhere, he also emphasized.

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