Keep your child stress free on this corona epidemic day

Keep your child stress free on this corona epidemic day. Children’s minds are like unwritten white paper. Developing the mind of children is the key to the development of the child. Normally every child reacts differently than the adults to any emotional stress.

Children always want to hold on to their parents, get anxious, hang themselves, become angry, upset, or urinate in bed for fear.

Help your children with their stressful reactions. Listen to their words. Love them and be attentive to them. Listen carefully to the children’s words. Reassure them and speak to them kindly.

Keep your child stress free on this corona epidemic day

Keep your child stress free. Children love adults and want a little more attention in hostile situations. In this situation, pay close attention to them. If there is a chance, let the child play and keep him / her stress-free.

Keep the child with his / her parents and family at all stages of the corona virus infection and refrain from separating them from the family or caregiver.

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If for any reason you need to be hospitalized or quarantined or separated, contact by telephone or other means and reassure the child regularly. So, Keep your child stress free.

Try to maintain regular and routine daily activities as much as possible, or, if necessary, help children in new environments to perform routine tasks, such as studying, playing safe, and being not over stressed.

Give the child correct information about what is going on. Explain to them adverse situations. Explain in simple terms how she can put herself at risk and avoid infection.

If someone in the family becomes ill due to corona virus, it should be explained to the child. If someone in the family needs hospitalization, the child should be informed in advance. He has to understand that there is nothing to fear.

Keep the child informed in advance about the consequences of the infection and reassure him of the safety. For example, if the child or his family feels ill and needs hospitalization, inform the child in advance. Also, there is nothing to be afraid of, the doctor will take necessary measures for their well-being.

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The Journal of the American Medical Association says that half of those infected with the virus are between the ages of 40 and 59 years. Only 10% of patients are under the age of 39 years.

Although there are various theories of not infecting children, doctors or experts cannot provide specific explanations. But you have to Keep your child stress free.

Ian Jones, a professor of science or virology at the University of Reading in the UK, said: “The reason is not entirely clear, either the children are avoiding the infection or they are not suffering from a serious infection.

Children over the age of five and adolescents work particularly well in combating the virus. ”Since children are very mildly infected, they do not have to go to the hospital or physician.

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