Ikyawann Drama Watch and Download Star Plus

Ikyawann Drama Watch and Download Star Plus. Ikyawann (English: Fifty-One) is an Indian television series, which is broadcast on Star Plus and stream on Hotstar. It premiered on 13 November 2017.

The show stars Namish Taneja and Prachi Tehlan in the lead roles. The show is set in Ahmedabad, and produced by Suzana Ghai.

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The story of Ikyawann is centers around a diffident girl, Susheel (Prachi Tehlan), 51st child of the Parekh family. A road accident kills all the female members of Parekh family except Susheel’s mother. Avni gives birth to Susheel but dies. The accident was planned by Leela, Kiran’s mother, she wanted to take revenge from Mehul (Priyank Tatariya), Susheel’s father, for rejecting her daughter Kiran.

She didn’t wish Mehul to have a child. The baby gets four fathers in her Dada Ji, Mehul and two uncles, who make her their world. Mehul finds Susheel auspicious. Parekh family decides to move to a new life. They shift to Surat. They try to avoid Leela. The four men start raising Susheel with love and care.

Leela is on a lookout for Mehul. She still wants her revenge to get completed. The show takes a few year leap. Susheel is seen as a cute and naughty girl who is much loved by he family. Dada Ji loves her a lot. He constantly asks her to have some feminism. Susheel enjoys staying cool like the men in her family. She behaves similarly to them while learning their mannerisms since her birth.

Leela decides to visit Surat. She doesn’t know Parekh family is residing in Surat. Otherside, Satya (Namish Taneja) is the grandson of Leela. Susheel and Satya meet at the temple. Their meet gets unpleasant. Susheel chases Satya. He gets hurt. Leela gets another reason to take revenge on Parekh family. She doesn’t want to leave the girl who has hurt her grandson.

Leela tries hard to catch Susheel in Ikyawann. She doesn’t know that Mehul’s child Susheel is still alive. Parekh family decides to shift to Ahmedabad

31th March 2018 : Ikyaavan

30th March 2018 : Ikyaavan

29th March 2018 : Ikyaavan

28th March 2018 : Ikyaavan

27th March 2018 : Ikyaavan

26th March 2018 : Ikyaavan

Created bySuzana Ghai
Written by
  • Ved Raj
  • Sudhir Kumar Singh
  • Sharad Tripathi
Directed byAman Deep Singh
Ranjeet Singh Rathore
Rahul Tiwari
  • Prachi Tehlan
  • Namish Taneja
Country of origin      India
Original language(s)     Hindi (primary)
English (minor)

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