FiFa World Cup Fixtures of Every Season

FiFa World Cup Fixtures will be updated here. The FIFA World Cup held in every four year and we will update the fixtures here for you. With the hosts scheduled to kick off the tournament with an encounter with Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 14 June.

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FiFa World Cup Fixtures

A total of 32 nations will participate in the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, for the coveted trophy.

The absence of four times champions Italy, three times finalists Netherlands and Copa America champions Chile will be felt, but a World Cup is a World Cup and there will be no dearth of excitement.

The teams have been split into eight groups, with the top two from each of them moving to the last 16. The quarterfinals and the semifinals will follow, before the mega event rounds off with the final at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on 15 July.

FiFa World Cup Fixtures
Eight groups of the Teams

FiFa World Cup Fixtures. World Cup is knocking at the door. It’s just some days to go for the greatest show on earth. To help the audience here is the FiFa World Cup Fixtures maintaining the Bangladesh standard time.

FiFa World Cup Fixtures

14 June 2018 Thursday
BD TimeGroupMatchVenue
09:00 PMGroup ARussia Vs Saudi ArabiaMoscow
15 June 2018 Friday
06:00 PMGroup AEgypt Vs UruguayYekaterinburg
09:00 PMGroup BMorocco Vs IranSaint Petersburg
12:00 PMGroup BPortugal Vs SpainSochi
16 June 2018 Saturday
04:00 PMGroup CFrance Vs AustraliaKazan
04:00 PMGroup DArgentina Vs IcelandMoscow
04:00 PMGroup CPeru Vs DenmarkSaransk
04:00 PMGroup DCroatia Vs NigeriaKaliningrad
17 June 2018 Sunday
06:00 PMGroup ECosta Rica Vs SerbiaSamara
09:00 PMGroup FGermany Vs MexicoMoscow
12:00 AMGroup EBrazil Vs SwitzerlandRostov On Don
18 June 2018 Monday
06:00 PMGroup FSweden Vs Korea RepublicNovgorod
09:00 PMGroup GBelgium Vs PanamaSochi
12:00 AMGroup GTunisia Vs EnglandVolgograd
19 June 2018 Tuesday
06:00 PMGroup HPoland Vs SenegalMoscow
09:00 PMGroup HColombia Vs JapanSaransk
12:00 AMGroup ARussia Vs EgyptSaint Petersburg
20 June 2018 Wednesday
06:00 PMGroup BPortugal Vs MoroccoMoscow
09:00 PMGroup AUruguay Vs Saudi ArabiaRostov On Don
12:00 AMGroup BIran Vs SpainKazan
21 June 2018 Thursday
06:00 PMGroup CFrance Vs PeruYekaterinburg
09:00 PMGroup CDenmark Vs AustraliaSamara
12:00 AMGroup DArgentina Vs CroatiaNovgorod
22 June 2018 Friday
06:00 PMGroup EBrazil Vs Costa RicaSaint Petersburg
09:00 PMGroup DNigeria Vs IcelandVolgograd
12:00 AMGroup ESerbia Vs SwitzerlandKaliningrad
23 June 2018 Saturday
06:00 PMGroup GBelgium Vs TunisiaMoscow
09:00 PMGroup FKorea Republic Vs MexicoRostov On Don
12:00 AMGroup FGermany Vs SwedenSochi
24 June 2018 Sunday
06:00 PMGroup GEngland Vs PanamaNovgorod
09:00 PMGroup HJapan Vs SenegalYekaterinburg
12:00 AMGroup HPoland Vs ColombiaKazan
25 June 2018 Monday
08:00 PMGroup ASaudi Arabia Vs EgyptVolgograd
08:00 PMGroup AUruguay Vs RussiaSamara
12:00 AMGroup BIran Vs PortugalSaransk
12:00 AMGroup BSpain Vs MoroccoKaliningrad
26 June 2018 Tuesday
08:00 PMGroup CAustralia Vs PeruSochi
08:00 PMGroup CDenmark Vs FranceMoscow
12:00 AMGroup DIceland Vs CroatiaRostov On Don
12:00 AMGroup DNigeria Vs ArgentinaSaint Petersburg
27 June 2018 Wednesday
08:00 PMGroup FKorea Republic Vs GermanyKazan
08:00 PMGroup FMexico Vs SwedenYekaterinburg
12:00 AMGroup ESerbia Vs BrazilMoscow
12:00 AMGroup ESwitzerland Vs Costa RicaNovgorod
28 June 2018 Thursday
08:00 PMGroup HJapan Vs PolandVolgograd
08:00 PMGroup HSenegal Vs ColombiaSamara
12:00 AMGroup GEngland Vs BelgiumKaliningrad
12:00 AMGroup GPanama Vs TunisiaSaransk
30 June 2018 Saturday
08:00 PM1C Vs 2DKazan
12:00 AM1A Vs 2BSochi
01 July 2018 Sunday
08:00 PM1B Vs 2AMoscow
12:00 AM1D Vs 2CNovgorod
02 July 2018 Monday
08:00 PM1E Vs 2FSamara
12:00 AM1G Vs 2HRostov On Don
03 July 2018 Tuesday
08:00 PM1F Vs 2ESaint Petersburg
12:00 AM1H Vs 2GMoscow
Quarter Final
06 July 2018 Friday
08:00 PMWinner 49 Vs Winner 50Novgorod
12:00 AMWinner 53 Vs Winner 54Kazan
07 July 2018 Saturday
08:00 PMWinner 55 Vs Winner 56Samara
12:00 AMWinner 51 Vs Winner 52Sochi
Semi Final
10 July 2018 Tuesday
12:00 amWinner 57 Vs Winner 58Saint Petersburg
11 July 2018 Wednesday
12:00 amWinner 59 Vs Winner 60Moscow
Third position Selection
14 July 2018 Sunday
08:00 PMDefeated 61 Vs Defeated 62Saint Petersburg
15 July 2018 Sunday
09:00 PMWinner 61VsWinner 62Moscow

FiFa World Cup Fixtures will be updated here for you and please correct and help us with your words so that we can update the FiFa World Cup Fixtures always.

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