Computer Based IELTS Exam taking system started by British Council

Computer Based IELTS Exam taking system started by British Council. From now on people can give IELTS exam through computer. British Council Bangladesh introduced computer-based IELTS test system.

Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet division will get this offer from now. However, if you want, you will be able to sit in the paper pens exam in the old method.

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Computer Based IELTS

The British Council’s press release said that the new system is safe and sound, Candidates can now choose the time and date of their choice which is convenient for them. Besides, the results of the test can be found quickly. Even IELTS results will be available within five to seven days of the test, they said.

Listening, writing and reading tests in computer-based mode will be done in the same way and in the same structure. The Speaking Test will be face-to-face with the trained IELTS tester as before.

Paper or Computer Based IELTS, both methods are equally reliable and universally acceptable in English language proficiency test.

Those candidates who choose a computer-based IELTS system will be provided with helpful materials for computer testing.

In this context, British Council Examination Director Sebastian Pierce said, “It is really great to give students the opportunity to choose the time and date they want. It will also allow the examinees to see our office at Dhaka University campus. “

Students can give computer-based IELTS at the following address:

  • Dhaka: British Council, 5 Fuller Road, Dhaka 1000
  • Chittagong: British Council, Rafiq Tower, Floor 8, 92 Agrabad, Chittagong 4100
  • Sylhet: British Council, Arcadia, Level 5, Darshan Deori, Amberkhana, Sylhet 3100

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