Google will launch ‘Take a Break’ feature for YouTubers

Google will launch ‘Take a Break’ feature for YouTubers. Google has rolled out a new series of controls that will allow YouTube users to set limits on their video viewing, and help them set “Take a Break” reminder from browsing the channels for too long, a media report said.

The new feature will enable the users to set a reminder for every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, at which point the video will pause and users will receive “Take a Break” notification that they have been binge-watching videos for longer than they decided to.

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Google will launch ‘Take a Break’ feature for YouTubers

Users can then choose to dismiss the reminder and keep watching, or close the app, TechCrunch reported late Friday.

The changes announced during Google’s I/O keynote will roll out in the latest update of YouTube. Along with YouTube’s ability to send notifications.

The reminders will come with an option of being dismissed. And the feature will also allow users to disable notification sounds during a specified time period each day.

The new features are first expected to hit the 13.17 and higher versions of YouTube. Mobile app on both iOS and Android, the report said.

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