‘Viral kid’ Rafsan meets Ayub Bachchu

Viral kid’ Rafsan meets Ayub Bachchu. Rafsanul Islam, a ten-year old from Netrokona who became a viral sensation on social media over the past couple of weeks for a cover of LRB’s “Hashte Dekho”, has finally got to live the dream of meeting his hero, Ayub Bachchu.

Rafsan drew massive attention of Facebook users all over the country after a cover of the LRB hit by his band Dhua was posted on the platform on April 13, with the video getting over 1,60,000 views and 2,000 shares.

The pre-teenager’s pitch perfect rendition drew shock and amazement from listeners on social media, and also caught the eye of online news portals and TV channels.

The cover reached even Ayub Bachchu himself, who heartily praised the little boy’s singing prowess. Rafsan also told a TV channel that meeting Bachchu is one of his biggest dreams.

Car Accessories'Viral kid' Rafsan meets Ayub Bachchu

Rafsan eventually got his wish fulfilled when he and members of his band met the iconic guitarist at the LRB studios Tuesday evening.

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'Viral kid' Rafsan meets Ayub Bachchu'Viral kid' Rafsan meets Ayub Bachchu

Satellite channel Ekattor also arranged an interview with the two which aired on the channel yesterday.

The band Dhua was founded about a year ago, which seventh grade student Rafsan joined only recently. According to reports, he has been singing and learning music from a young age, performing mostly folk and band songs.


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