The government approved 2 more private universities

The government approved 2 more private universities. The government is approving private universities one after another amid widespread allegations of irregularities.

On 3 June, the education ministry issued letters to the founders to temporarily establish and run the universities.

International Standard University, one of the two, will be established in Mohakhali in the capital. Engineer AKM Mosharraf Hossain is the founder of this university.

Another, Trust University, will be set up on Nabogram Road of Barishal. Kazi Shafiqul Alam is the founder of this university.

The education ministry recently approved two private universities. With these the private universities now stand at 103.

Earlier, in April, four private universities were approved in two phases. At the end of the tenure of the current government, several more universities may be approved, officials at the education ministry said. Politicians and businessmen are behind the universities.

Private universities began to be set up after the passage of an act in 1992. In nine years of Awami League government in power, around 50 private universities were approved. Party affiliation has played a role in the approval.

During the BNP-Jamaat alliance government, a number of private universities were also approved on political considerations.

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