Some Drink Recipe For This Hot Summer

Some Drink Recipe For This Hot Summer. It says that your Stomach Peace is the world peace. And in the heat of this Chaitra, only one can make peace with the stomach and that is drinks.

Don’t drink Sharbat from street of Polluted Dhaka city. Then what to do? Make your own at home. How? let’s see some delicious drink recipe that you can easily make at your home.

Bell’s (wood apple) Drink Recipe:

Ingredients : Ripe bell, Sugar, Milk powder / cow’s milk, and water.

Directions : Take a tile floor with a hand or break the bell in a tough place. Take down the inner shell of the shell with a spoon. Make it soften with a little water. Now remove the shell chips and throw it out. make sure the beats don’t smashed. Then add cool water and mix enough quantity of milk and sugar. You are done! now enjoy the Drink.

Watermelon Drink :

Ingredients : 500 grams Watermelon, 15 grams of ginger, 15 ml lemon juice, salt and sugar.300 ml of water.

Directions :  First cut the watermelon cleanly and cut it into pieces. Blend/bake the gingers. Then pour water on the blender with melon, ginger, lemon juice, sugar and salt. Now serve in glass.

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Strawberry Drink :

Ingredients : 4 strawberries, milk and 20 milligram sugar.

Directions : First pour the milk on blender. Now start blender after pouring strawberry and sugar on the blender. Then you can freeze for a while. When it’s cold Serve in glass and enjoy.

Drink Recipe

Orange Drink :

Ingredients : 5 oranges, quantity of sugar, 120 ml of water.

Directions : Fist clean the orange and take out the shades. Then mix it with sugar and water in Blender. Now pour the oranges into the blender and start the blender. Now sieve the juice and serve in a glass.

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