Shakib Khan’s “Bhaijaan Elo Re” Released today in Bangladesh

Indian movie ‘Bhajan Alo Ray’ is being released in more than 100 theaters in the country. “Bhaijaan Elo Re” was released in West Bengal on the occasion of Eid ul Fitre.

NU Ahmed Traders has imported the movie in Bangladesh. Earlier on 16th June, ‘Bhajan Elo Re’ was released in Calcutta.

Shabanti and Pael Sarkar, two heroines of Indian Bengali film and Banglades’s Shakib khan played the leading role in the film.

The film produced by India’s SK Movies, Bangladesh’s Monira Mithu, Deepa Khandakar, Shahed Ali and kolkatta’s Rajtav Dutta, Biswanath Basu, Shantilal Mukherjee, Sagnik, Supriya Dutta and others have also starred in the film.

However, some media of Kolkata has been criticized for ‘Bhajaan Elo Re’ directed by Jaydeep Mukherjee.

Car AccessoriesShakib Khan's "Bhaijaan Elo Re" Released today in Bangladesh

Trailer :


Separated at birth, after 28 years Bhai and Jaan grow up to be as different from each other as can be. While Bhai is outspoken and a little bit of a troublemaker a daring costume designer, Jaan is quite shy and timid. After years of being apart, fate brings the two brothers together, and things take an interesting turn from this point.

Shakib Khan's "Bhaijaan Elo Re" Released today in BangladeshShakib Khan's "Bhaijaan Elo Re" Released today in Bangladesh

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