Popular actress Tazin Ahmed is no more

‘Acress Tazin Ahmed passed away due to heart failure. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun. We wish peace for her departed soul,’ the information was shared by Joint General Secretary of Ovinoy Shilpi Songho Rawnak Hasan at 4:35 pm on Tuesday.

Earlier at 4 pm Rawnak Hassan informed, ‘Actress Tazin Ahmed is at Regent Hospital in Uttara after having a heart attack. Her condition is critical. Everybody please pray for her.’

After an hour Rawnak said, Tazin Ahmed passed away. An atmosphere of mourn is prevailing in the showbiz arena.

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General Secretary of Directors Guild SA Haque Alik said, Actress Tazin Ahmed passed away just a moment ago after a heart attack at Uttara Regent Hospital while undergoing treatment. We wish peace for her departed soul. We on behalf of Directors Guild also express deep sympathy for the bereaved family members of the deceased.

Car AccessoriesPopular actress Tazin Ahmed is no more

Tazin Ahmed was a popular actress of the country. At the beginning of her carrier she performed in stage drama through Aronnok Nattyadal. Later she got herself busy with television drama. She got her image as a star through the television drama.

But recently Tazin became a little bit irregular in television drama. She also performed her role in the much praised stage drama ‘Moyur Singhason’ as part of Aronnok troupe.

Popular actress Tazin Ahmed is no morePopular actress Tazin Ahmed is no more

Besides being an actress both for the small screen and the stage, Tazin used to anchor some popular TV shows and was also involved with journalism.

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