Piya Bipasha is back to work regularly

Model-actress Pia Bipasha. She made her place to the viewers of small screen already. She also started working in the film but unfortunately she did not work there regularly for some unknown reason.

Meanwhile, she is working on the small screen with occasional breaks. This time Pia has expressed interest in regular work.

Actress : Peya Bipasha
Actress : Peya Bipasha

She has played role in 13 drama on Eid-ul-Azha. In addition to the drama, Shuvashis Rai’s Katus Kutus and Atiq Jeman’s ‘Anniversary’ two short films she has played the role.

Recently, she returned to the country after shooting four plays in Nepal. The plays were conducted by Syed Shakil and KM Nayeem.

In addition, under the direction of Sheikh Selim, she has acted in a play named Shunya Hriday.

Car AccessoriesPiya Bipasha is back to work regularly

In 2016 Pia Bipasha appear on the big screen through ‘Rudra the gangster’ directed by Sayem Zafar Imami.

This actress said, she took some breaks. But now she wants to play regularly in the play. All her thoughts about acting.

Piya Bipasha is back to work regularlyPiya Bipasha is back to work regularly

If she gets proposal for good films she will think over it. There are opportunities for acting. She will work in movies that the viewers would love.

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