People asked not to carry bags government’s celebration of LDC graduation.

People asked not to carry bags government’s celebration of LDC graduation. The Dhaka city law enforcement authorities on Wednesday requested the city dwellers not to carry backpack, handbag, vanity bag, lighter and cigarettes if they want to attend the government’s celebration of LDC graduation.

The government earlier announced to hold a celebration programme at Bangabandhu National Stadium.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) said such request for avoiding use of some items was made for security reasons.

The city dwellers have also been requested to avoid nine city points if they use vehicle.

Drivers have been asked not to enter these nine public gathering points unless there is an emergency.

The nine points are  Shahbagh, Kakrail Mosque crossing, Nightingale crossing, Fakirerpool, Shapala Chattar, Gulistan, Fulbaria, Chankhar Pool, Bakshibazar, Palashi and Nilkhet areas.

The request was made in a media release signed by DMP commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia on Wednesday afternoon.

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The celebration was arranged to mark the announcement from UN’s Committee for Development Policy (CDP) that Bangladesh meets all three criteria for graduation from the status of a least developed country (LDC) to a developing one.

The CDP has recently handed over the confirmation letter to Bangladesh’s permanent representative at the Unite Nations in New York.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the nationwide celebration at the Bangabandhu National Stadium on Thursday evening.

A laser show and cultural programme will also be held on the occasion. The programme will remain open to all.

The DMP’s media release said officials and employees of 57 ministries, department and other government organisations as well as general people will go to Bangabandhu National Stadium to join the celebration in processions carrying colorful festoons and banners from the nine city points between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm on Thursday.

The media release said that during the rallies, normal traffic movement will be halted in the nine city points and the areas where people will gather for the rallies as well as roads surrounding the Bangabandhu stadium area.

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