Mahfuzur Rahman singing Hindi song on Eva Rahman’s Birthday

Mahfuzur Rahman singing Hindi song on Eva Rahman’s Birthday.

Private Television Channels ATN Bangla and ATN News Chairman Mahfuzur Rahman has already been discussed for his singing.

On Eid ul Fitre, ATN Bangla was promoted by his solo Singing Program. The social media was discussing about that program a lot.

Mahfuzur Rahman comes to the online world with a new song that means it is viral.

Mahfuzur Rahman
Mahfuzur Rahman Singing : Collected from Facebook

Now a Hindi song has been circulated by Mahfuzur Rahman in social media.

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It has been found that, on the birthday of wife Eva Rahman, Mahfuzur Rahman has singed Hindi songs. Yesterday on 24 July was the birthday of Eva Rahman.

Mahfuzur Rahman sung Famous song of Shah Rukh Khan “Hamko Hamise Churalo” song from the movie “Mohabbatein”.

During this time, Eva Rahman made a melody with Mahfuzur Rahman. Singing with wife Eva Rahman Duet song in now viral on social media.

The video of the domestic event has spread to social media and Facebook. At the event of Eva Rahman’s birthday, Bangladesh Art and Merchant Association Federation (FBCCI) Director Helena Jahangir was present.

Helena Jahangir, sharing some pictures and videos on her Facebook, wrote, “Many wishes on the birthday of Eva Rahman. Survive more than 100 years of good and well-being.

“Many people were present at the domestic ceremony.

Eva Rahman
Eva Rahman Singing

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