Jaaz Multimedia’s official YouTube Channel Terminated

Jaaz Multimedia‘s official YouTube Channel Terminated. JAAZ Multimedia is a film production and distribution house in Bangladesh.

Yesterday YouTube suspended Jaaz Multimedia’s official YouTube Channel. 

Jaaz Multimedia said that their videos may share on on Bongobd or bioscopelive even it can be share in Robi.

Jaaz Multimedia released their first film, Bhalobasar Rong starring Bappy and Mahiya Mahi, in 2012. n 2013, Jaaz Multimedia released four films: Onnorokom Bhalobasha, PoraMon, Bhalobasha Aaj Kal and Tobuo Bhalobashi, all of which starred Mahiya Mahi.

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Jaaz Multimedia YouTube Channel Terminated

PoraMon also starred Symon, while the commercial success Bhalobasha Aaj Kal co-starred Shakib Khan and Tobuo Bhalobashi co-starred Bappy.

Jaaz Multimedia released seven films in 2014, many of which also starred Mahiya Mahi. Ki Darun Dekhte, Dobir Saheber Songsar and Onek Sadher Moyna co-starred Bappy and Agnee co-starred Arifin Shuvo.

Beginning in 2015, Jaaz Multimedia began releasing Indo-Bangladesh joint venture films with Eskay Movies, which would later lead to the two production houses collaborating on many films.

Their upcoming Movie Poramon 2


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