Indian Premier League (IPL) Schedule 2019

Indian Premier League (IPL) Schedule 2019.

Dhoni and Kohli will face-off on the opening day of the IPL 2019. The schedule for the IPL 2019 published. However, the whole index was not released together again. The schedule for the first two weeks (17 matches) was given.

India’s national election will be held in 2019. The elections will be held in April-May. After the date of the election announcement, the rest of the IPL schedule will be given.

Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore will face on the opening day on 23 March.

Here are the first two weeks schedule of IPL 2019:


Car AccessoriesIndian Premier League (IPL) Schedule 2019




23 March 08:30 PM Chennai vs Bengalore
24 March 04:30 PM Kolkata vs Hyderabad
24 March 08:30 PM Mumbai vs Delhi
25 March 08:30 PM Rajasthan vs Punjab
26 March 08:30 PM Delhi vs Chennai
27 March 08:30 PM Kolkata vs Punjab
28 March 08:30 PM Bangalore vs Mumbai
29 March 08:30 PM Hyderabad vs Rajasthan
30 March 04:30 PM Punjab vs Mumbai
30 March 8:30 PM Delhi vs Kolkata
31 March 04:30 PM Hyderabad vs Bangalore
31 March 08:30 PM Chennai vs Rajasthan
1 April 08:30 PM Punjab vs Delhi
2 April 08:30 PM Rajasthan vs Bangalore
3 April 08:30 PM Mumbai vs Chennai
4 April 08:30 PM Delhi vs Hyderabad
5 April 08:30 PM Bengalore vs Kolkata

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Indian Premier League (IPL) Schedule 2019Indian Premier League (IPL) Schedule 2019


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