How to know the Higher Secondary Exam results

HSC and equivalent exam results published today on July 19.

All candidates can get their results from their respective examination centres; educational institutions; websites of their respective boards and through SMS on their mobile phones from 2:00pm.

HSC results can be found online through the website of the Higher Secondary and Secondary Education Board. Here>>

You can also get your results through text message from the mobile phone. You can get your result from your own institute also.


To know the results from mobile phones :

Car AccessoriesHow to know the Higher Secondary Exam results

To get the results through mobile, write HSC and type the first three letters of the board with a space and again enter the roll number with space and year 2018 with a space then send the SMS to the number 16822. In replay you will get the result.

To know the results of Madrasa Board, you need to type HSC space MAD space Roll Number space 2018 and send SMS to the number 16222. Results will be available in the return SMS.

How to know the Higher Secondary Exam resultsHow to know the Higher Secondary Exam results

Besides, know the results of the technical education board you need to type HSC space TEC space Roll Number space 2018 and send to 16222.

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