Google doodle with Earth Day

Google doodle with Earth Day. Google always try to do something on special day. Today is April 22 Earth Day. Google has created a special doodle on the occasion of Earth Day.

In the 48th Earth Day, Google made a doodle with primatologist Jane Goodall. Clicking the doodle shows a video featuring Jane Goodall’s speech. In this video she presented her personal experience of nature.


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Car AccessoriesGoogle doodle with Earth Day

She said that her went to Gombe National Park to conduct research on chimpanzee in Tanzania. At that time the rain started. When the rain stopped, she heard insects singing.

Google doodle with Earth DayGoogle doodle with Earth Day

It is only understandable that after spending a long time in nature, everything is related to each other. Though small bees seem insignificant, they also have a role in nature. She also gave a message about what we must do to make a positive impact on the world.

She also said that the most intelligent animals in the world are people. But they are doing more than damage in the world.

Her founding company Jane Goodall Institute has 19 branches all over the world. In 1977, she established the Goodall Institute.

For the protection of the environment and animals, she travel around the world for three hundred days in a year.

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