Fourth span to be placed, 16 more ready for Padma Bridge

Fourth span to be placed, 16 more ready for Padma Bridge. The construction work of Padma Multipurpose Bridge is going on in full swing. The government is hoping that the full construction work will be completed within the year 2019.

The fourth span of the bridge is on its way to the Jajira end. This will be placed between the pear number 40 and 41 on May 14 or 15.

Through this the 6 hundred meters of Padma Bridge will be visible in this week. The concerned people with the project said, the fourth span which is 150 meters long and three thousand 140 tons in weight was carried by the crane ‘Tian E’ with capacity of carrying three thousand 600 tons for nearly six kilometers.

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The floating cranes were removed from the area for the pile placement. Project Director Shafiqul Islam said, the fourth span was carried from Mawa end to the designated point at the Jajira end.

If everything will remain favorable then it will be placed within a few days. There are some technical matters which cannot be fixed in a stipulated time.

There are more 16 spans are ready at the Kumarbhog Construction Yard of Mawa. At present painting work on those is going on.

The Padma Bridge was made visible on September 30, 2017 by placing the first span between the pillar number 37 and 38.

The second span was place on January 28 this year between pillar number 38 and 39. The last span was placed between the pillar number 39 and 40 on March 11.

A high official of Padma Bridge project said, total 18 pillars will be made visible within two months including the previous five.

Once completed, the Padma Bridge will stand on 42 pillars, including two transition pillars on land, with a total length of 6.15km.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Railway has given good news. Railway Minister Mujibul Haque said, railway will be made operable from the first day of the bridge inauguration. Works are going on with the target.

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