Election Commission will appoint two thousand staffs before the election

Election Commission will appoint two thousand staffs before the election. Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder has informed.

He said this to the newsmen at his office at the Nirbachan Bhaban at Agargaon in the capital on Thursday.

He also said, of the two thousand staffs 517 people will be appointed as Assistant Upazila Election Officers under the commission. The capability of the commission will be increased if the new election officers are appointed. But that is less than the requirement.

The Election Commissioner said, proposals were given to promote 75 officers in the promotion, administrative reforms and readjustment and skill development committee meeting.

Promotions are being given in public administration and police keeping ahead the election. The wave also affected the EC. He also said that they will get the promotions if the commission approved.

EC officers will be inspired and illuminated by the promotions. But decision was not taken over how many Returning Officers will be appointed from the own officers of EC in the next election said Mahbub Talukder.

The number of manpower in EC is three thousand which is less than the need he added.

According to the EC sources, no recommendation was made to promote anybody as Joint Secretary.

9 Regional Election Officers were recommended for fourth grade. Besides, 29 were recommended for promoting as Deputy Secretary or same posts (fifth grade) and 37 were recommended for Senior Assistant Secretary or same posts.

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