Eidul Fitre’s Ityadi begins with a musical dance by four celebrities

Ityadi is a popular megazine television programme in Bangladesh created and presented by Hanif Sanket that airs on Bangladesh Television. It is one of the longest running shows on Bangladeshi television.

For more than three decades, magazine programme ‘Ityadi’ is entertaining the audiences with thought provoking skits and innovative segments.

Keeping up with this trend, on the upcoming Eid, ‘Ityadi’ is all set to present the viewer’s one more Eid special episode.

Taping of Eid Ityadi begins with a musical dance number by four celebrities.

Taping and production work of this special episode of ‘Ityadi’ is ongoing now and Fagun Audio Vision sources have revealed one entertaining segment for the viewers.

In this musical dance number, four renowned celebrities have performed. Ferdous, Momo, Apurba and Monalisa have performed in this musical parody dance number which is inspired from two famous old songs and how the songs are relevant in today’s time.

This dance number deals with some serious messages such as the repression on women, protecting the dignity of them and as well as the bad influences of the foreign drama serials on our culture.

‘Ityadi’ is sponsored by Keya Cosmetics Limited and will go on air on the second day of Eid-ul-fitr on BTV and BTV World.

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